18 Dec 2014

Will he see it? Will I get a reply?

From: bill
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2014 7:11 PM
Subject: Andy Burnham promise to the Dentistry
Rt Hon Edward Miliband MP
Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition
I’ve just learned that MP Andy Burnham has vowed to make water fluoridation a priority if labour wins back power at next year’s general election, telling Dentistry: ‘We need to be bolder.’
Is he aware that he will lose many votes? It is not what people want, there are better ways to treat these children. In Southampton we have shown that there is solid opposition to enforced medication when people are aware of all the facts, not just the propaganda that the British Fluoridation Society churn out, an organization that Andy Burnham was at one time Vice chairman.
The NHS has already wasted £1,000,000 fighting and losing the battle to force fluoridation on us. See Echo headlines.

Israel has banned fluoridation completely isn’t about time we did in the UK?

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