10 Dec 2014


No plans to fluoridate water says Health Minister

Published online at 09/12/2014 20:30:00
Health Minister Howard Quayle says his department has no plans to fluoridate the Island's water supply.
During this morning's Tynwald questions, he was pressed on the issue by Onchan MHK Zac Hall who described it was a way of harmlessly cutting dental health problems.
But Mr Quayle said his department consulted the public in 2008 - and received a resounding "no".
He added there are no plans to introduce fluoride into drinking water in the near future:

Near future? Until it is discredited world wide it will always be a threat.

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Cllr Chris said...

Are there any plans to fluoridate the drinking water in the less-near future? Are there any "aspirations", "conversations" or "preparations" for fluoridation that may or may not be yet planned? Oh, the weasel words of politicians! No wonder nobody trusts them.