27 Dec 2014


In 2014, after the FAN conference held in DC in September, Chris Neurath (FAN’s science director), Quanyong Xiang (author of one of the most important IQ studies from China), Paul Connett and myself, presented this information (including the results of a detailed risk assessment) to current Office of Water officials and received an encouraging response.
It remains to be seen whether EPA will take this opportunity to finally live up to its Principles of Scientific Integrity and fulfill its mission of protecting public health. This will involve admitting that their choice of severe dental fluorosis as the most sensitive end point of fluoride’s toxicity in their determination of a new MCLG [Maximum Contaminant Level Goal] for fluoride is just not tenable. Let’s be clear about this, in several of the Chinese studies many children with lowered IQ have exhibited milder categories of dental fluorosis, then the severe form chosen by the EPA. This must make the lowering of IQ a more sensitive end point than severe dental fluorosis.

If the EPA has the integrity to admit this, good on them. If not, they should be prepared for a fight to the finish from independent scientists and citizen fluoride fighters alike. We cannot afford to lose the battle for integrity.

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