20 Dec 2014


Bob Delany, MPP an embarrassment to Ontario
Bob Delaney is the Member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament who is trying to introduce mandatory fluoridation into Ontario. This is what he says about people opposed to fluoridation ( see: http://www.bobdelaney.com/fluoride/, also see his Facebook page):
"There is a vocal group of nutheads and fanatics that use junk science, myth, paranoia and downright misinformation to suggest that fluoride is harmful. They are dead wrong. Don’t believe their hysterical claims…"
Who is Bob talking about here?
Is he talking about Dr. Hardy Limeback one of Canada’s leading dental researchers and co-author of the landmark review by the National Research Council of the National Academies (NRC, 2006)?
Is he talking about the 15 scientists who appear on the 28-minute video Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation?
Is he talking about the three authors of The Case Against Fluoride (Chelsea Green, 2010): myself, Professor James Beck, MD PhD and Spedding Micklem, DPhil (Oxon)?

Where are the peer-reviewed and published studies to back up the following ridiculous claim by Bob?

"In every community in Canada that has discontinued the safe and effective treatment of municipal drinking water with fluoride, rates of cavities and tooth decay have shot up within two years. Calgary Alberta, Dorval Quebec and Windsor Ontario are such examples of stupidity trumping common sense and sound science."
See this video for additional background on Bob Delaney’s petition for mandatory fluoridation.
I suspect we are in for more of this ridiculous nonsense with the promoters of fluoridation willing to pour millions of dollars into propaganda and using politicians like Bob to push it onto his colleagues and an unsuspecting public, neither of which are being informed by the mainstream media.  This again underlines the importance of groups like Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation (COF-COF) and the Fluoride Action Network who are trying to do what the media are not doing: educate the public. But that takes money.

Paul Connett, PhD

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