19 Dec 2014

FluorideAlert newsletter

When you consider that they have money to burn you can understand why fluoridation promoters believe that they can win this issue without the science to demonstrate that the practice is safe, effective or cost-effective. However, recent moves by fluoridation zealots suggest that they are risking everything to keep this foolish practice going. These gamblers are literally going for broke.
Their moves are meant to counter the recent string of local and national victories that have been achieved throughout the fluoridating world. The pro-fluoridation strategy: if you are losing locally (where citizens can educate themselves and their decision-makers) then go nationally, where you can take full advantage of the weight of your financial superiority and the influence of your Public Health authority that you can exercise at the highest levels of government and the media.

The danger of course in this pro-fluoridation strategy (from their perspective) is that it makes fluoridation into a national issue, allowing more and more open-minded and intelligent people to see this practice for the huge scam it is.  Also it will highlight the decline in the competence of Public Health personnel in fluoridating countries. We have given examples below from Ontario, NZ and the UK, but first here is an update on our Fundraiser.

3) In the UK, after the long and very successful battle to keep fluoridation out of Southampton, the newly formed agency Public Health England is stepping up efforts to fluoridate communities throughout England. The first battle is shaping up in Bedford, UK. Meanwhile, the pro-fluoridation forces have nobbled leaders of the Labor party who have pledged to support fluoridation if they win the next election. The leadership probably believes what the dental lobby tells them, namely that this will help children from low-income families. If only these “leaders” would get one of their aides to read the literature on fluoride’s ability to lower IQ, they might appreciate that the last children who need their IQ lowered are children from low-income families.

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