7 Dec 2014

Celebrity chef Pete Evans reveals his family doesn't drink tap water.

Now fluoride is off the menu! Celebrity chef Pete Evans reveals his family doesn't drink tap water... but doctors say his views are from the 'Stone Age'
Celebrity chef Pete Evans backs fluoride-free water campaign
My Kitchen Rules chef has been accused as having 'Stone Age' views
Medical professionals say fluoride protects from tooth decay
Australian Dental Association supports water fluoridation
Pete Evans has been accused of expressing views that date back to the 'Stone Age' after the celebrity chef threw his weight behind a campaign on fluoride-free water.
Not a stranger to controversy, the My Kitchen Rules judge has come under fire yet again for what some have perceived as extreme dietary views after revealing that his family steers clear of consuming Australian tap water.
Evans' remarks have enraged medical professionals who have described his standpoint as misinformed and a potentially dangerous lifestyle choice.
Evans proudly adorns a 'Fluoride Free WA' t-shirt on Facebook to promote the Perth-based lobby group's cause.
'Alkalised water (maybe I just should've just said filtered water?) - we have a portable mineral pot ($500) water filter which rids tap water from potential carcinogens (chorine, chemicals, bacteria etc),' he said in a post on his Facebook page.
'I realise there's plenty of controversy around alkalised water, but I would rather choose this option over drinking tap water or bottled water, as it works out cheaper in the long run, and is environmentally friendly.'............

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