30 Nov 2014

Feed your babies Quavers and Crunchies, NHS tells mothers

Dieticians are telling parents to feed their children junk food, including crisps and chocolate
Quavers, Crunchie Bars, Skips and KitKats
NHS staff are telling some mothers to feed babies junk food to help them overcome feeding problems.
Leaflets given to families attending feeding clinic appointments with young children recommend feeding babies aged over eight months crisps, chocolate bars, fried foods and sugary sweets.
The advice — distributed by Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust — is aimed at parents whose children have “problems managing lumpy foods”.
The leaflet suggests “finger foods” under three categories: “Bite and Dissolve”, “Bite and Squash/Suck” and “Easy Chew Food”. Wotsits, Quavers, Skips and Pom-Bears are among the crisps to feature under “Bite and Dissolve”, as well as Mini Cheddars and meringue.
The document states that Kit Kats, Crunchies, Milky Bars and Ripple chocolate bars are also suitable “if a child sucks food well”............

172 comments many defending the Hospital as the advice is intended for only a few children with major problems in eating.

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