8 Nov 2014

Echo letters

As if fluoride would prevent baby bottle tooth decay shown in the image. The parents want prosecuting and it shows the dental department are not doing their job.

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rcannard said...

Looks like J Oliver has just come out the closet...If a DVD is your extent of research i can only thank God your not the local health chief...Feeling sorry will not help anyone, what we need is action and leadership from Public Health England to tackle the problem,weather you fluoridate or not good oral health still needs to be practised which puts the minority back to square one as it's clear they are not doing this,diet is the second factor,even the (PHE) admit diet plays a big part in reducing dental decay...Wasn't it Duncan Selbie who said to use smaller plates to tackle childhood obesity,it's not the plate size Mr Selbie it's what's on it that matters... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/healthyeating/11052156/Give-children-smaller-plates-to-help-them-lose-weight.html