15 Oct 2014


Ciara said: I would like to talk about another drug that is being put into to our tap water, without our consent and that is fluoride. It is banned in every other single country in Europe...Why? Because it is not safe.

It is used in rat poison to kill rats. It is a by-product of industrial waste and it causes cancer, thyroid disease, autism.

Ciara had a thyroid problem. She was under a doctor in America who told her to stop drinking the Irish tap water. She stopped drinking the Irish tap water which has the drug fluoride being added to it and after 12 weeks she no longer has a thyroid problem.

Ciara Sherlock quoted FG pre-election promise environmental statement which said that: FG believes that there is sufficient grounds to point to serious health risks from fluoride in our tap water and once they get into power they were going to remove it! Well...They are still adding it.

She goes on to say: We need to get this out of our tap water urgently...or they need to get out.

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