31 Oct 2014

Echo Editor's comments.

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I too can not understand why parents are not prosecuted for allowing their children to suffer but why do not the paid authorities do more? They've wasted well over a million pounds over the last two decades to impose their will on us the public at large in Southampton rather than helping the small number of under privileged children who needed help. Why didn't they reverse the situation and blitz the small number with educational regimes like tooth brushing.
They say it has been done and doesn't work well they should get people in who will make it work.

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rcannard said...

Runcorn and Widnes 2006 they halved the rate of decay within 5 years,so yes giving out free toothbrushes and toothpaste plus educating the parents does work, but like anything if you don't give it 100% then you haven't really tried...