27 Sep 2014

Public Health England challenged on fluoride policy Friday, 26 September 2014

At a meeting in London of South East Strategic Leaders on Thursday, addressed by Public Health England, Hampshire County Council Leader, Roy Perry challenged their spokesmen to 'come clean' on their fluoride policy.
Cllr Perry said the initial reaction of Dr Graham Bickler was that Public Health England regarded the issue of adding fluoride to public water supplyas now being up to local authorities, but he promised to make further
enquiries about the situation in Hampshire.
Commenting on the response, Cllr Perry said: "If that is indeed Public Health England's position it is very welcome. But is it their position? For months now, Hampshire has been trying to get a clear statement out of PHE to that effect and to date (26 Sept 2014) they have singularly failed to answer
our questions.
"It is not just the city of Southampton that is affected by the fluoride proposal. Hampshire communities all around the city could be impacted and I know the residents of Nursling and Rownhams that I represent do not consider they have been properly consulted.
"I hope my question to PHE will now get an answer and indeed the formal response will say it is up to the local authorities to determine whether or not fluoride should be added."

Hampshire County Council is of the view that contractual arrangements were not in place by 1 April last year (when Strategic Health Authorities were abolished and the responsibility for decision making on proposals,

transferred to upper tier and unitary local authorities). The County Council has been in discussions with PHE and Southampton City Council as to most appropriate way to settle the legal issues.


rcannard said...

Why is Public Health so concerned with the nations teeth, just what is the fascination...Millions spent on promoting something that is not wanted nor needed by the majority of people...Private Health England (sorry Public) have really show their colours on this one and have done themselves no favours,this is peoples health that's being messed about with, i and many others are not impressed...

Carrie said...

The quango with the misnomer 'Public Health England' couldn't care less about the nation's teeth, but fakes concern in their frantic efforts to protect vested interests in the fluoridation scam and the lies that have promoted it for so long.

If PHE had any concerns for out health, dental fluorosis alone would be enough to trigger alarm bells to end fluoridation, never mind the overwhelming scientific evidence of more serious harms to health.