28 Aug 2014

USA - Pediatricians Want Parents to Use THIS Deadly Chemical on Infants

The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) suggested that fluoride-ridden toothpaste should be used on infants as soon as teeth begin to appear; as well as using “a smear (the size of a grain of rice) of toothpaste” with fluoride on children up to 3 years old.
The report concludes that “Fluoride has both risks and benefits for children, and pediatricians must be aware of these to promote their patients’ oral health.”
Orig.src.Susanne.Posel.Daily.News- fluoride.pediatricians.babies.infants.toddlers.neurotoxin_occupycorporatismSeveral months ago, the American Dental Association (ADA) is recommending that children use toothpaste with fluoride as soon as their first tooth appears to “help prevent cavities”.
This statement claims to combat fluorosis and discoloration of teeth by increasing the use of fluoride.
The ADA said that parents should smear the fluoride-laced toothpaste directly onto the gums of their children ages 3 and older as one suggestion in a new set of guidelines that are designed to ensure more children are exposed to fluoride at a younger age.
Earlier this year, researchers from Harvard University (HU) the Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH) confirmedprevious disclosures that state fluoride is a neurotoxin.
Philip Landrigan, dean for global health and chair of preventative medicine for Icahn School of Medicine (ISM) at MSH, and his colleague Philippe Grandjean, adjunct professor of environmental health at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) concur that fluoride, among other neurotoxins are causational to the onset of neurodevelopmental disabilities (NDDs).
The researchers identify a few NDDs as:
• Autism
• Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
• Dyslexia
Nearly a decade ago, Lita Lee, chemist and enzyme therapist published a paper entitled, “Fluoride: A Modern Toxic Waste” which chastised the use of sodium fluoride in the public water supply, food and beverages for the average American to consume.
Lee wrote: “Yiamouyiannis documents research showing that fluoride increases the tumor growth rate by 25% at only 1 ppm, produces melanotic tumors, transforms normal cells into cancer cells and increases the carcinogenesis of other chemicals. For the original references to these studies, refer to Yiamouyiannis’ pamphlet, Lifesavers Guide to Fluoridation.”

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