21 Aug 2014

USA - Cavities, fluoride varnishes, and alternatives

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My son is 3yo and recently had his 3yr dental check up. The dentist said he has four small cavities and suggested we do 6 fluoride varnishes to stop the decay and reevaluate after that. She said they will decrease his chances of needing fills. He's never had dental issues before. I breastfed him until 26.5 months old, he eats a pretty healthy diet (I dont buy things with HFCS, he gets fruits and veggies with every meal, drinks mostly water), and I've been brushing his teeth once a day before bed with non-fluoride toothpaste. Our water is fluoridated and he drinks a lot of water so I didnt want to add to it by using fluoride toothpaste and I'm not 100% comfortable with the fluoride varnishes, but I dont want him to have bad teeth. I have upped our brushing to twice a day and have started to try and floss his teeth once a week, but what can I do for now to help his cavities not progress??
To top it off, our insurance would only allow 3 varnishes to go towards our deductible, the other 3 would be considered out of network, we still have to pay for all of them because were no where close to meeting our deductible, and I'm 37 weeks pregnant so we've got a lot of other medical bills to pay right now and in the near future. Im hoping to get some suggestions as to what I can do now to help his teeth while we sort out insurance, finances, researching the fluoride varnishes, and welcoming a new baby into the family. Ive heard brushing with baking soda and oil pulling can improve dental health, but will that help the cavities he already has? Should I add a fluoride mouthwash? He still swallows his toothpaste so im on the fence about adding fluoride toothpaste, but if it will help in the meantime I'll try to get him to spit it out. I'm just not sure what other options are out there. All the dentists say are fluoride fluoride fluoride.

Lots of fluoride but still problems.

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