7 Aug 2014

Should You Deride the Safety of Fluoride

Should you deride,
The safety of fluoride?
Do you like the taste,
Of industrial waste?
Are you unlucky to be supplied,
With sodium silicofluoride,
Or made to feel placid,
By hexafluorosilicic acid?
I shall begin,
With the picture on their tin.
Of a skull and more than one bone,
Now that's really well known.
You can buy it as a perfect,
Way to kill an insect,
A deadly approach,
To end a cockroach,
Or say goodbye to a rat,
Living in your flat.
Does it begin to fill you with dread,
What you put in your head?
If we go back in time,
To the scene of the crime,
It once polluted the land,
So it's fumes were banned.
It was used to make,
Bombs that make the world shake,
And produced in phosphorus mines,
Where employers were afraid of fines,
As a proven effect on worker's health,
Would seriously affect their wealth.
It is still illegal today,
To just throw it away.
Some people had a think,
Lets put it in everyone's drink
Harold Hodge said it was okay,
A respected toxicologist of the day,
But he also injected people with Plutonium,
And sometimes Uranium.
The Mellon Institute pushed it's use.
They also made the excuse,
That asbestos did not harm,
And should cause no alarm.
One man tried to help us a lot,
His name was George Waldbott.
Famous for his work on penicillin,
He declared fluoride a villain.
William Marcus was even wiser,
And a senior science advisor.
Another victim of politics,
Was Dr Phyllis Mullenix.
She wanted everyone to know,
That it made rats' brains slow.
Her study told,
How it affected young and old.
No-one found it attractive,
That it might make people inactive.
"But! ", I hear you cry,
"Our teeth it can fortify."
The WHO looked at each nation,
And found those without fluoridation,
Have seen a decline in tooth decay,
In a chemical free way.
Does it make you frown,
That it can turn young teeth brown?
Now google a fluoridation world map,
To wake you from your nap,
Better, give your face a slap.
You need to be keen,
To make where you live green.
Search youtube for the Fluoride Deception,
And the first two will alter your perception.
Then have a look,
For a group on facebook.

Biography of Stephen Katona

Stephen Katona poet
I am a General Practitioner in the UK with an interest in helping people become happier. I started putting old poems into cartoons to help people see life more positively, and ended up writing some of my own.

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