24 Aug 2014


The Girl Against Fluoride
Aisling FitzGibbon aka ‘The Girl Against Fluoride’ is leading the people's movement to end water fluoridation. The Girl Against Fluoride is a public awareness campaign.Part of the campaign involves taking legal action against the Irish Government to stop them from adding fluoride to the drinking water supply. In the run up to the court case we are engaging in a nationwide public awareness campaign to inform as many people as possible about the adverse health effects of fluoride. Aisling is taking on this legal battle for the sole purpose of ensuring the right to clean, safe drinking water for the people of Ireland. There is no financial gain to be made on her part. Although Aisling is the one initiating the case, she really needs your help to make this happen.

The Girl Against Fluoride Creative Director

Mummy Martha.JPGMartha is a secondary school teacher who is also trained in Nutritional Therapy. Martha believes in the power of the imagination and how it can be used to create a positive, magical and vibrant world. Martha enjoys English and French literature and plans on writing more in the future. Martha wants health care to move towards a natural form of healing that addresses nutritional deficiencies, underlying toxicity and emotional blockages. Removing fluoride from Ireland's drinking water is crucial for healing and for maintaining health. Having witnessed her own daughter Aisling's recovery from depression, Martha realizes the power of natural healing and how fluoride free water is fundamental for mental health and overall health.
Homer - The Girl Against Fluoride Mascot
Homer.JPGHomer likes nothing better than being on the campaign trail travelling around Ireland in The Girl Against Fluoride mobile. Homer is a champion activist dog and is proud to stand up for both animal and human rights. Homer enjoys drinking fluoride free water and travels with his own filtered water when staying with relatives and friends. Homer is almost 17 years old and he attributes his longevity to drinking fluoride free water, a wholesome organic diet and the love of 'The Girl Against Fluoride' team. 

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