9 Aug 2014

Bedfordshire letter

Fluoride ‘facts’

I AM compelled to respond to Charles Bailey's recent misleading letter regarding water fluoridation.
I would like to make him aware of the following facts:-

- 90 per cent of England does not have fluoride added to the water supply. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Continental Europe including Germany, France Italy and Sweden firmly reject this practice.

- Since the beginning of this year EU law does not permit fluoridated water to be added to food or drinks.

- The decay rate of 5 year old children in Bedford for 2011/12 showed no increase in comparison to the data produced for earlier years.

- As far as Birmingham is concerned the decay rate of 5-year-old children from disadvantaged families remain the worst in England as per the govt. official report;

- It has been medically documented that eczema and allergies in both children and adults increases in areas of water fluoridation.

- It is the topical application of fluoride that is now considered the effective way of preventing tooth decay. We no longer need to swallow fluoride as previously thought.

- There is no safe, optimal level of fluoride.

We all want clean water as pure as we can get it - that means no fluoride, period.

Cynthia Bagchi
 Bushmead Avenue

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