24 Jul 2014

NZ - debate

Listen to what he says about people who are against vaccines.

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Carrie said...

This video highlights how shockingly ill informed, arrogant and misguided the pro fluoridationists are when all they can do is parrot the official line of hopelessly biased Ministry of Health defending vested interests, and resort to dismissing and ridiculing anti fluoridation campaigners.

The arguments presented are not only based on skewed statistics courtesy of the MoH, but are fundamentally flawed. They clearly have not done any independent research by quoting without question the MoH claim that there is no evidence of adverse health effect, and no, fluoridation is NOT a public health issue to be decided by government agencies or majority community vote, but a matter of individual autonomy, the most basic of human rights to govern one's own body.

They would also do well to research the horrendous ingredients that go into vaccines if they believe good health can only come from a syringe full of pus and poison.

New Zealand is in danger of becoming a health dictatorship with a mandatory fluoridation policy while the rest of the world is finally realising the sheer folly of this dangerous practice of dumping tons of industrial waste chemicals into public drinking water to supposedly 'improve' public health.