23 Jul 2014

In this current heat wave how is the dose controlled when the water is fluoridated?

If it is in salt and bread people have a choice.

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Cllr Chris said...

Typical of the arrogance so often found in many politicians (usually those under the watchful control of the bureaucrats within Health Authorities/Councils). If only this tiny video piece could be seen by all the people that might otherwise vote for this "defender of the people". But such strategies are beyond the normal resources of normal people. Instead Governments and their bureaucrats spend billions of our money attempting to indoctrinate the masses into accepting poison and hazardous wastes in our water as being somehow "healthy" if not plain altruistic ("... think of the children this benefits...."!). I wish such people were made liable to suffer prosections and prison sentences for this extraordinary and unscientific interference with what is a basic human need - clean water.