22 Jul 2014

Anti-fluoride Campaigner Bids to Stop Water Fluoridation in Bedfordshire

Sample News BigA campaigner is bidding to fight plans to add fluoride to the water supply in Bedfordshire three years after the council suggested that they would work to stop any fluoridation measures.
Cynthia Bagchi said that she was confused to hear about plans to add fluoride to the water supply by the end of the year, after the council vowed to fight against fluoridation back in 2011. She questioned why the plans were approved without consulting the council, local residents or members of the Health and Wellbeing Board.
Mrs Bagchi is handing over a petition with 1,500 signatures in the hope that she can convince authorities to stop the plans. Anti-fluoride campaigns believe that people should have the choice whether or not they consume fluoridated water and there are suggestions that fluoride harms health. In contrast, many public health figures and dentists support fluoridation because it helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay, especially in deprived areas.
A spokesperson for Bedford Borough Council said that fluoride was previously added to water supplies in the area for more than 40 years and this was a move supported by the NHS. Fluoridation was suspended while works were carried out at the treatment plant and will now continue once upgrades have been completed.
Mrs Bagchi called for the council to consider the move and urged them to act “before poisoning the entire population of Bedford.”

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