6 Jun 2014

Unpublished letter to the Echo

The fluoridation chemical, hexafluorosilicic acid, has just been officially banned by EU legislation.  So an illegal poison contaminated with arsenic and lead is being promoted in the UK by Public Health England as ideal for the public water supply.  This is a neurotoxin linked to cancer, dementia, brain tumors, lowered IQ in children, thyroid, kidney and bone disease, and dental fluorosis.  PHE’s actions have triggered calls for its abolition.

For all the coercion, fluoride enforcers are failing because Truth is the all-powerful card, and if all you’ve got in your hand is a fistful of lies, your game is over.   

Fluoridation is not about teeth, but hidden vested interests.  Embattled communities face the full force of corporate, political and legal might.  Illegitimate legislation replaces a universally safe water supply for medicated water unsuitable for babies and vulnerable groups.

But those most responsible are the high profile dentists who vociferously demand fluoridation, for it is on their word that the whole edifice rests.  That ‘word’, promising safety, benefit and social justice, is an epic lie.  The fluoride they claim as natural, is in reality contaminated, carcinogenic industrial waste, too toxic to dump on land or sea, yet perversely, safe to filter through our kidneys, having first been absorbed into our brain and other vital organs.  Teeth are not ‘All’. A disease-ridden body is of consequence.  The Chief Medical Officer must step up and admit that dentists are unqualified to deal with this.  It is reprehensible, if not illegal, to exclude the most important, relevant specialisms - oncology, neurology, toxicology, endocrinology and epidemiology.  With these experts in charge, the legislation would be dead.  No doctor would prescribe harmful medication for people he doesn’t know and has never met, and force them to take it in uncontrolled quantities for the rest of their lives.  Doctors put patients first.  PHE and the British Dental Association must stop fluoridation now or face legal challenges on human rights and medical ethics.

Jennifer Godschall Johnson


James Reeves said...

This letter is absolutely correct.

There are many studies done by research scientists which indicate a variety of health dangers associated with water fluoridation. Many of them are presented at the site below. It begins with a statement from Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, PhD in pharmacology:
"fluoride exposures today are out of control," and ".. there are no advantages to water fluoridation. The risks today far exceed the hoped for benefit." Dr. Mullenix cites data from 18 clinical studies in her analysis.

The list is supported by over 40 scientific references. Take a look.

rcannard said...

Would like to no why this letter went unpublished,to close to the truth probably...