17 Jun 2014

They talk about fluoride yet fail to mention it is a waste product contaminated with lead, arsenic and radio-active elements.

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Cllr Chris said...

Let's look for a moment at those 2% (according the hexafluorosalicic acid producer YARA) contaminants. 2% of what? Look at that formula again for the "Acid". It's already 60% - 80% water. That addition of water is making it look as if it's "only 2%" contaminants. The more water that is added the apparently less % contaminants! Whereas when you put the 2% impurities against the actual chemical (F6H2Si) which is 20% - 40% of the solution then the impurities become between 10% & 20% of the raw chemical. Which, when you think about where it comes from and how it is obtained, makes far more sense now. Because otherwise it would be too expensive to get rid of these impurities. So all they do is add water to the chemical and - Hey Presto - the contaminants can be dismissed as "only" 2%. BUT - when the already diluted chemical is then added to our water supply the dilution of the chemical has to be compensated for by adding more volume of the fluoride solution. Effectively - far from being only 2% contaminants - for every 5 parts "fluoride" added there is 1 part (20%) contaminents. They hide it sneakily don't they! Am I wrong?

BTW - no response from Lord Colwyn yet. It seems his 19 lines of "you-don't-know-what you're-talking-about" is all we are going to get on the subject. Isn't it frightening that such people can be so adamantly indoctrinated in favour of fluoride without having a clue how to answer even simple arguments against?