15 May 2014

U.S. needs healthier diet for body and mind

In 1994, Professor Itzkoff sounded the alarm on declining intelligence in America. In 2006, Professors Lynn and Vanhanen provided IQ data for 113 countries in their book “IQ and Global Inequality.

The data are based on tests developed in the United States and the United Kingdom. As is shown below, despite a cultural bias, Asian countries have scored highest.
Asia — Hong Kong: average 108, range 122-103; Singapore: average 108, range 114-103; South Korea: average 106, range 113-100; China: average 105, range 113-101; Japan: average 105, range 113-101; India: average 82, range 88-78.
Middle East — Israel: average 95, range 97-89; Iraq: average 87, Iran: average 84, range 89-80.
Australia — average 98, range 100-97.
New Zealand — average 99, range 102-90.
Africa — Morocco: average 84, range 85-75; South Africa: average 72, range 94-63; Kenya: average 72, range 89-63; Zaire: average 65, range 68-62.
North America — Canada: average 99, range 100-97; United States: average 98, range 100-97; Mexico: average 88, range 88-87.
South America — Uruguay: average 96; Argentina: average 93, range 98-93; Chile: average 90, range 92-88; Brazil: average 87, range 95-64.
Europe — Italy: average 102, range 103-102; Switzerland: average 101, range 104-101; United Kingdom: average 100; Germany: average 99, range 107-97; Sweden: average 99, range 104-97; Poland: average 99, range 106-92; Russia: average 97, range 97-96.
My hunch is that these differences are primarily due to three factors: diet, culture and government policies. High carbohydrate diets do not provide adequate nutrition for the brain, which is mostly fat. Asian scores reflect the positive effects of a healthy diet, stable home environment and an achievement-oriented culture.
The United States is suffering from an unhealthy diet, policies undermining a time-tested family structure and a culture glorifying nonintellectuals (athletes and entertainers). It is promoting the myth that children of impoverished single parents can thrive with the help of government programs.
It is also promoting the fluoridation of potable water as a means of hiding the effects of a toxic, high-sugar diet, despite evidence that fluoride and excessive sugar hurt the brain. Finally, the U.S. government is promoting an increasing number of vaccines containing mercury (preservative) and aluminum (adjuvant), both of which undermine intelligence.
Our survival as a First World nation depends on choosing food, values and policies that promote prosperity instead of poverty. High technology combined with widespread, low human intelligence is a recipe for disaster.
Jane E. Bardon
Sackets Harbor

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