18 May 2014

Dr. Brownstein's stance on iodine

1. Why thyroid cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the United States

 2. The "touchy, feely" way to find thyroid nodules...

 3. How "low-salt" recommendations contributes to thyroid disease

4. Why taking thyroid supplements WITHOUT addressing iodine is a bad idea.

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Cllr Chris said...

This comment on Iodine is welcome on this blog. There is a close connection to fluoride. Iodine is necessary for every cell of the human body - bromides and fluorides (both poisons and pollutants) have been introduced into our environments with their halogenic effect being to reduce our abilty to absorb iodine. Governments have been increasing our exposure to bromides and fluorides whilst systematically reducing our access to iodine. Are they mad? It's almost as if they want us ill. I'd recommend the book "The Iodine Crisis" by Lynne Farrow.