7 Mar 2014

Telegraph letters

A sweet tooth
SIR – Nature tells us when we are taking too much sugar in our dietand regular visits to the dentist confirm this by identifying tooth decay. The early signs are detected from small patches of decalcification of the enamel surfaces.
However, over the years, this natural early warning sign has been suppressed by the vast amounts of fluoride toothpaste we use. We have attempted to correct one problem and encouraged another.
Dr Nigel J Knott 
Farleigh Wick, Wiltshire
SIR – The Chief Medical Officer for England has suggested that a tax on sugar should be introduced. About time. I have written to every Chancellor of the Exchequer from Iain Macleod to Gordon Brown urging that chocolate, sweets and carbonated drinks should be taxed, in the interest both of generating revenue and of promoting healthier living.
In 1970 you printed a letter from me on this topic. The only official response was that a tax would be too complicated.
Hew Goldingham 
St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex

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