19 Mar 2014

Message from Southern Water

Thank you for your e-mail received on 19 March, concerning fluoride.

I can confirm that Southern Water have no current plans to add fluoride into the water supply with any third party at this stage.

If Government Rules change, and state that Southern Water must add fluoride into the water supply, we will have to do so. However please be assured this will be publicised and ensure that the appropriate action is taken.

I would recommend speaking to your local MP regarding the matter to see if they have any further information regarding the Government changes, which will assist the information I have provided.

1 comment:

rcannard said...

It lives...Nice of Southern Water to come out of the shadows and join the debate, they said it "would be publicised and ensure that the appropriate action is taken"...What do they mean by appropriate action, to roll over and do as they are told...The government sold all of our utilities to private business but still remain in the background so if you can bend your laws to make Southern Water add a toxic chemical then you can bend the same laws to lower the amount that electricity and gas company's charge the public, what's good for one is good for the others make a law up that caps the charges or is it just the water they are interested in...