18 Mar 2014

British Fluoride Society diatribe

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Dental Committee
Committee Meeting Wednesday 15th January 2014
3. Presentation by BFS: Fluoridation in Southampton – Ros Hamburger – in 2009 the Strategic Health Authority agreed to implement water fluoridation to Southampton. However following the reorganisation of the NHS and the demise of the SHA the implementation is stuck in limbo. Public Health England has taken over and where Southampton City Council was previously in agreement it is now ambivalent. PHE reluctant to spend money to influence the Council to reverse the decision. Council was pro-fluoridation. Local Dentists underestimate their position, they need to get involved they need to write letters – Patients do trust their own dentist. Paul Castle, Communication Officer for BFS would encourage the LDC collectively 1) Write formally to current leader of Southampton City Council, Councillor Simon Letts and Cabinet member Councillor Dave Shields. Simon Letts – position swings from being in favour to awaiting the outcomes of legal challenge and irrespectively calling for a referendum on the implementation of water fluoridation and he is perceived as actively placing hurdles to prevent PHE implementation of the scheme. The action group Hampshire against fluoridation is very vociferous and influencing. Simon Letts will ask the Health and Well being Board, to make these recommendations to the city council. Write to SCC-draft letters available. 2) Individual and at practice/patient level – trying to get patients involved; petition in dental practice reception areas. In 2008 Hampshire County Council was against fluoridation and so action to bring them on board would also help by contacting surrounding Hampshire practices. If 82% of the local population were in favour the scheme would go ahead.

So HAF is composed of vociferous people expressing their opinions and complaints loudly and repeatedly in speech.

BFS spout a propaganda war relentlessly against the wishes of the people.

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