22 Feb 2014

USA - plan for improving Kentucky’s health

Beshear lays out plan for improving Kentucky’s health

Lists specific goals and largely administrative strategies

By Al Cross
Kentucky Health News
FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb. 21. 2014) – Gov. Steve Beshear set seven specific, numerical goals Thursday for improving Kentucky’s “dismal” health status, which he said is hurting the state’s education, productivity, attractiveness to employers, state revenues “and our very quality of life.”

♦ Dental Decay: Reduce the percentage of children with untreated dental decay by 25 percent, and increase adult dental visits by 10 percent. The strategies include public-private partnerships to see that three-fourths of the state’s grade schoolers get fluoride varnish treatments. “the poor dental health of Kentuckians has not only subjected Kentucky to ridicule, but has detrimental impacts on children, the workforce and families,” Beshear said.

99.8% of Kentucky’s public water supplies are fluoridated.

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