26 Feb 2014

Irish letter

I have to disagree with Dr Susan O’Reilly in reference to her letter regarding cancer risk associated with water fluoridation (IMT, February 14, 2014).

With regard to cancer incidence in fluoridated and non-fluoridated countries, the figures indicate significant differences. While being well aware that carcinogenesis is a complex multifactorial process, these differences must have an explanation when obvious confounding factors are excluded. The fact that fluoride has been shown in recent years to increase the production of free radicals, reactive oxygen species, G proteins and haptoglobins and to increase oxidative stress, all of which are carcinogens or co-carcinogens, suggests that fluoride has to be high on the list of suspects.

The US National Toxicology Program (NTP) as far back as 1990 found that there was “equivocal evidence” that fluoride was carcinogenic. It should also be noted that these bioreactive molecules and biochemical changes have been implicated in the aetiology of numerous chronic diseases which are common in Ireland and are creating a huge and unsustainable burden on our health services.

With regard to efficacy in terms of preventing dental decay, this is not generally accepted, despite the continuing mantra to the contrary of some public health specialists and dentists in the few remaining fluoridated countries/regions. Both the American Dental Association (ADA) and the US Centres of Disease Control (CDC) have stated that any benefit from fluoride is primarily from its topical effect. Why put a known toxin in our drinking water when it is readily available from other sources?  Dental caries are not related to fluoride deficiency but to incorrect diet and poor dental hygiene. Scotland has recently ceased water fluoridation without any detectable adverse effects so far.

I believe the evidence indicates that water fluoridation should be stopped immediately, even if only based on the precautionary principle now enshrined in EU law.

Dr Philip Michael,
Hon Sec, Irish Doctors Environmental Association (IDEA),
VP (Europe) International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE),
Co Cork.
Good letter but: "Scotland has recently ceased water fluoridation without any detectable adverse effects so far."   News to me! To my knowledge it has never been fluoridated.

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Liz Vaughan said...

Quite right Bill Scotland has never been fluoridated. A couple of years ago Doug Cross,one of UKCAF's medical advisors Dr Sheila Gibson and myself had a long interview with Deputy Government Leader Nicola Sturgeon who is also Health Minister and a lawyer. We presented her with the evidence against fluoridation, she was absolutely shocked and assured us that Scotland would not fluoridate.
Liz Vaughan UKCAF