5 Jan 2014

UK - Keighley district dental health in young is much improved

New figures show the dental health of the district’s five-year-olds is improving.
Fifty-four per cent of children in the age group across Airedale and Bradford are free from tooth decay, compared to 48 per cent five years ago.
And the average number of teeth affected by decay has reduced from 2.42 to 1.98.
Bradford District Care Trust’s dental team welcomed the figures, but said it wouldn’t be complacent.
“Despite an overall improvement in the number of children free of tooth decay, we know more work needs to be done,” said Swarngit Shahid, the trust’s clinical director.
“Bradford-district children continue to have the poorest oral health in Yorkshire and Humber.
“Research suggests there are clear links between levels of deprivation and poor oral health, and many of the factors that cause this also cause poor general health.
“Improving children’s oral health across the district remains challenging.”
Work carried out by the trust dental team – with partner organisations – includes the Building Brighter Smiles programme, which focuses on oral disease prevention for children aged eight months to five years.
The initiative includes a fluoride varnish programme, an awards scheme promoting nutrition and reducing sugars, and tooth-brushing in schools.

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