24 Dec 2013

The success story of the 'right2water' European Citizens Initiative

A new Citizens Initiative development in the EU has enormous potential for exerting pressure on politicians everywhere to stop hi-jacking the pure water that is expected to be provided to the public, by the State suppliers and their Agents, for medical uses for which the public water supplies were never intended.
The European Parliament now MUST respond to all challenges to the subversion of the quality of drinking water by fluoridating Member States, so if we can force the issue of the impropriety of State-sanctioned (or Local Government mandated, for that matter - Oz, are you listening?) compulsory OR voluntary fluoridation being incompatible with the concept of drinking water as a 'public good', then that precedent will have to be respected elsewhere.
So check out this report - it's official - and my Comment at the end. Spread it around, too. And then think how you can take advantage of this development where you live. This has the potential to open up a real crack in the shell of the fluoride-promoters, so get your thinking into gear and go for it!



rcannard said...

Merry Christmas to you Bill and all at HAF,keep up the much appreciated work you do

Bill said...

Thank you for your support and the work you do.