17 Dec 2013

PHR - 12/3000/40: An evaluation of a water fluoridation scheme in Cumbria
An evaluation of a water fluoridation scheme in Cumbria
Research typePrimary Research
StatusResearch in progress
Start dateOctober 2013
Publication date
April 2021
This is the estimated publication date for this report, but please note that delays in the editorial review process can cause the forecast publication date to be delayed.
Cost£ 1,549,347.00
Chief InvestigatorProfessor Iain Pretty
Co-investigatorsDr Richard Emsley (University of Manchester)Professor Michael Kelly (National Institiute for Health & Clinical Excellence),Professor Matthew Sutton (University of Manchester)Professor Martin Tickle (University of Manchester)Dr Tanya Walsh (University of Manchester)Dr Eric Rooney (NHS Cumbria)Dr William Whittaker (University of Manchester)Dr Rebecca Wagstaff (NHS Cumbria)Ms Julie Fletcher (Barnardos)

Money that could be spent on child smile that would make a difference.
Can't they accept people don't want it and it is not safe you can't control the amount drunk, people are getting too much fluoride now.


rcannard said...

Hi Bill is there anyway of moving the text over as only half of it is visible,or if you could post a link would be appreciated as i'm researching the Manchester Smiles project at present and Dr Gill M Davis is proving to be most interesting more on that later, also sending emails and writing on Cow & Gate formula Facebook page requesting an explanation as to why there product does not carry any warnings regarding mixing formula with fluoridated water and why fluoride is listed in the ingredients,in the new year we hope to start our own fluoride testing. Thanks Bill

Bill said...