22 Nov 2013

Disappearance of famous pink toothpaste sparks black market rush on the internet

Johnson & Johnson blame EU rules as they withdraw Euthymol until a new, reformulated product, is ready to come back to the shelves early in 2014

A popular toothpaste has been withdrawn from shops while it is reformulated – prompting a black market rush for the product online.
Euthymol was removed because of a new European Cosmetics Regulation, said the makers Johnson & Johnson.
Yet more than 500 people have taken to a Facebook page dedicated to swapping tips and advice on how to stock up on the distinctive fluoride-free pink toothpaste, with some admitting to hoarding hundreds of tubes.
As stocks run out in chemists and supermarkets, shoppers have gone online to buy the toothpaste – albeit at an inflated price. Tubes are changing hands for as much as £9.99 on eBay, six times higher than the recommended retail price – with packs of six selling for £49.99.
Peter Brookes wrote on the Facebook page: “Gutted, I can’t find any near me. I can’t squeeze this tube any more.”

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