21 Nov 2013

Australia - Byron a 'black sheep' on flouridation

Anti-fluoride protestersThe Byron Mayor says the shire is happy to be a 'black sheep' on the issue of fluoridation.
The north coast council today voted 5-3 against a motion to add fluoride to its water supply.
Fluoridated water is already available to about 95 per cent of people living in New South Wales.
But Simon Richardson says that trend is not mirrored overseas.
"Byron is actually in keeping with where the rest of the world is going," he said.
"Australian and New South Wales are actually an anomaly when it comes to global fluoridation and water treatment.
"Israel just a month ago withdrew fluoride from its water, over 90 per cent of Europe has no fluoridation.
"So if we compare ourselves to Sydney we are the odd council out, but I think if you look globally we are in step."
Cr Richardson wants the shire to be a test case for alternatives to fluoridation.
He says the State Government's offer to help pay for fluoridation infrastructure should be extended to cover alternative strategies.
"Going back to some of those less glamorous and less engineered solutions like dental-health check ups (at) our primary schools.," Cr Richardson said.

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