9 Oct 2013

Tooth decay - special report

...Public Health England suggests part of this improvement may be down to increased levels of fluoride in most children’s toothpastes.
Dr Gill Davies of the Greater Manchester Public Health England Centre said: “This survey shows the numbers of five-year-olds free from tooth decay has improved, but there is still much to do to reduce the inequalities in levels of dental decay,
“Good home care is the key and parents should brush their child’s teeth twice a day, once just before bedtime and once in the morning.
“The same factors which affect people’s health such as a healthy diet will affect their oral health too so we know there are clear links between levels of deprivation and levels of oral health.”
From April this year, local authorities have taken over responsibility for oral health.

Health Minister Lord Howe, said: “We know more work is needed to make sure good oral health is more consistent right across the country.

“However, we have some of the lowest decay rates in the world.”

That is commendable but all that fluoride in the toothpaste will it lead to Alzheimer's later on in life or other problems?

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rcannard said...

So the wonder substance fluoride gets a "maybe" but nothing definitive, just like there research, the director of PHE said "it's imperative that we work towards laying solid foundations for good oral health throughout life", even if that means finding ways around the current laws and forcing this substance upon everyone whether they like it or not. Can the PHE please just butt out of peoples lives, you have told people how to look after there teeth and gums and now it's up to the individual to implement your teachings. Personally i have very little faith or trust left for our health gurus and the people of this country need to wise up and get informed, they need to implement fluoridation because "we have some of the lowest decay rates in the world" you just couldn't make this $h1t up if you tried.