2 Oct 2013

Improve Your Cat’s Quality of Life

·...... China is the leading cat-food exporter. China supplies half of all pet foods that are imported and is not governed and held accountable like companies in the US. It is estimated that the USDA only inspects 1-2% of the cat foods that are imported, which may contain heavy metals, pesticides and toxins.

· Urinary Tract Problems. Many dogs experience urinary tract problems can occur when eating dog food that doesn’t contain enough water content. Canned dog food is better, especially with a higher meat content.

· Fluoride in Water. Fluoride is added to our water and is reportedly ineffective. Recent reports, however, have found that fluoride can lead to the weakening of bones, bone less, osteosarcoma and even cognitive damage. To avoid this, use distilled water or installing a reverse osmosis system......

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