3 Aug 2013

Canada - Certain skin problems can be linked to fluoride

Letter: Certain skin problems can be linked to fluoride
Before administering a medication to the public without informed choice, should not individuals have the right to know what the level of fluoride in their bodies is? These analyses of fluoride in the blood and urine are available.

I have had analyses done of fluoride in the urine of several of my patients, including children, particularly those with certain skin eruptions. Some people, including children, have higher than average levels of fluoride in their urine. The skin eruption of certain of these patients with high fluoride has gradually cleared after stopping the fluoride toothpaste or fluoride mouth wash.

These skin eruptions have included urticaria, fixed drug eruption and rosacea. Concerned that the occasional child had a reported much higher level than normal of fluoride in the urine, I wrote July 6, 2006 to the Minister of Heath for Quebec reporting my observation.

Fluoride can also be measured in certain instances in the kidneys, liver and brain. (Disposition of Toxic Drugs and Chemicals in Man, 2011, Ninth Edition, Randell C. Baselt).

Dr. June Irwin


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