16 Jul 2013

NFDC Backs David Harrison's call to reject fluoridation

Town District & County Councillor, David Harrison has secured the backing of New Forest District Council in making it clear to the newly created health body "Public Health England" that the council is firmly against plans to add fluoride to tap water in parts of the district.

Councillor Harrison, proposed an exceptional departure from the pre-arranged agenda at full council, to ask that NFDC give its backing to anti-fluoridation campaigners.

After some deliberation involving the Tory Council Leader and Chairman, it was agreed that they would indeed write to Public Health England making the agreed stance of the council crystal clear.

Speaking after the meeting Councillor Harrison said " I'm really pleased at this outcome. It's really important that Public Health England get a very clear message that democratically elected bodies, like New Forest District Council, won't tolerate health bosses forcing this chemical through tap water on our communities".

On Thursday, Hampshire County Council is expected to support a motion calling on Public Health England to abandon the plans.

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