7 Jun 2013

New Zealand - More councils consider removing fluoride from water

More councils consider removing fluoride from water
Published: 7:39AM Friday June 07, 2013 Source: ONE News
Despite pleas from dental experts, more councils are considering removing fluoride from public drinking water.
Hamilton City Council this week voted to stop fluoridating the city's water supply after four days of public submissions.
Hastings District Council and Whakatane District Council are both holding referenda later in the year to determine whether they should also remove fluoride.
But public health experts insist evidence shows fluoride in our water helps protect teeth from decay.

Dr Julia Peters says the decision to remove fluoride is a disappointing one.
"Fluoridation of community water supplies is safe, it's effective, it's economic, and everybody's oral health benefits," she said.
There are now calls for the Government, which recommends fluoridating water, to step in.

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