5 Jun 2013

New Zealand - Fluoride to be removed from Hamilton's water supply

Fluoride to be removed from Hamilton's water supply
Published: 4:12PM Wednesday June 05, 2013
After four days of submissions, Hamilton City Council has voted overwhelmingly to remove fluoride from the city's water.

A council tribunal today voted 7-1 to stop the practice of adding fluoride to the public water supply from no later than June 21 when stocks run out.

The council will make annual savings of $48,000 by removing fluoride.

The tribunal was presented with research from experts and interested parties on both sides of the debate, although the majority were against fluoride.

The council will be writing to Health Minister Tony Ryall, expressing its view that public water fluoridation is a health issue which central government should address.

Three councillors who are also on the Waikato District Health Board - Martin Gallagher, Pippa Mahood and Ewan Wilson - did not take part in the tribunal, along with John Gower and Maria Westphal due to previously stated views on fluoride....

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