22 Jun 2013

Fluoride advocates can’t back down now

IF you want a classic case of “experts” calling the shots and then being too caught up in their own web of fallacy to feel able to back down, there is no example more glaring than the fluoride debate.

The main argument for the safety of fluoridated community water supplies comes from three American scientists, Gerald Cox of the Mellon Institute, Robert Keogh of the Kettering Laboratory and Harold Hodge who was the chief toxicologist for the Manhattan Project which developed the atomic bomb.

Hodge was the main scientific voice used to push the view that 1 part per million was a safe fluoride dose. This is the same guy who injected people with plutonium and uranium in 1945 and one of his major concerns was fluoride, because you need huge amounts of fluoride to make atomic bombs.

The Mellon Institute notably supported the use of asbestos at the time and produced “research” showing that asbestos was not a cause of lung cancer.

The Kettering Laboratory bloke Robert Keogh notably also supported the use of lead in petrol and his laboratory was funded by corporations like ALCOA, US Steel, Dupont, Monsanto and even the National Institute of Dental Research.

The Kettering laboratory worked in concert with a group called the “fluorine lawyers committee” to defend their corporate clients from litigation. These “experts” sold us the notion that hard-to-get-rid-of industrial waste was good for our teeth and could be sold to local bodies for profit and added to the water supply, rather than dumped as an expense.

The PR campaign that sold the idea of fluoridated water to the American public was run by Edward Bernays — Sigmund Freud’s nephew, who also ran pro-smoking campaigns for big tobacco companies of that time.

Exposure to fluoride at rates greater than 1 part per million is definitely bad for you and can cause a lower IQ, bone damage and arthritis.

The main source of damage to humans in exposure to atomic radiation is actually overexposure to fluorine.

Fluoride poisoning depends on how much fluoridated water you ingest and if the fluoride is in the water, there is no way to control the dose. For example if you are a small baby and you are bottle-fed with milk made up from fluoridated water, you take in vastly more fluorine than a baby who is breast fed.

The condition of dental fluorosis is caused by ingested fluoride and has nothing to do with poor teeth cleaning habits. High fluoride intake is shown to depress thyroid function, causing lethargy and chronic fatigue. Maori and Islanders are disproportionately affected because people with kidney disease and diabetes don’t handle fluoride as well as people with healthy, balanced diets and less sugar intake. Another at-risk group is seniors who are at risk of greater bone damage and arthritis because fluoride absorption affects the absorption of iron and calcium in bones and can cause gastro-intestinal problems.

The public health groups that have supported water fluoridation for some 60 years now have too much to lose by backing down after all those years, with questions of liability and litigation that they don’t wish to face.

Dentists are not required to know anything about kidney or thyroid function, so they don’t consider these things when they pronounce it safe.

There’s a heap more I could say on the subject but that should be enough to convince most sane people that there is scientific evidence that fluoride in the water is one of the biggest medical misadventures of all time.

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