24 Jun 2013

Doug Cross of UKCAF and Professor Chris Exley have recently had letters published in the on-line British Medical Journal:


Their two letters are close to the top of the listing. Could you all please read the letters and then click on 'Like' in both cases. The more 'likes' they get the more chances there are that the letters will be printed in the hard copy BMJ. This progression of letters and articles from electronic to hard copy is more important that at first realised.

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Can you also forward this request to all of your relevant contacts.

Camelford: the aluminium sulphate added to the treated water supply contained 7ppm fluoride. The two authors are convinced that fluoride increases the mobility of aluminium so that aluminium is enabled to cross the blood-brain-barrier (b-b-b). The aluminium then stores itself in the hippocampus which is the site which is most studied by many trying to work out why alzheimer's disease occurs. Many victims of Camelford have had, or are suffering from the agressive form of Alzheimers' Disease.

A recent article by Richard Sauerheber (www.hindawi.com/journals/jeph/2013/439490 ) states in reference to the fluoride anion that "...its toxicity depends on the environment in which it resides" (End of 2nd para., p.2). As far as Alzheimer's Disease is concerned, the presence of aluminium is the 'environment' in which fluoride is rendered toxic. The toxicity is the ability fluoride has of 'dragging' aluminium through the b-b-b.
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It's probably just me but i cant find the two letters you are referring to Bill, would you have another link

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I copied and pasted the second address and it went direct to the page. You can always email Joy who will be happy to help.

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