2 May 2013

Fluoride To Be Added To Southampton's Water Supply

The National Student Survey is run every year for students to give feedback. Southampton Solent has gone from strength-to-strength in past surveys and this year they aim to get more students to take the survey to help make their university an even better place. Our correspondent, Daniel Beeson, reports.


Carrie said...

Public Health England is sadly deluded if they really believe the toxic industrial waste chemical they will be adding to our water is a "mineral rejuvenator." It is neither. Hexafluorosilic acid is not a natural mineral but filthy sludge recovered from pollution scrubber chimneys and is so toxic it has no business in, on, or anywhere near the human body.

Perhaps PHE would like to drink this poison themselves for a year to see how rejuvenated they feel.

rcannard said...

Well done Carrie, i would of thought being students they would of done a bit of research, obviously not