20 Apr 2013

USA money talks

Pro-Fluoride Campaign Rakes in Another $80,000

news1_3919ILLUSTRATION: WW Staff
Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland, the political action committee advocating a "yes" vote on Measure 26-151 which would fluoridate Portland's water, reported more large contributions today. 
Healthy Kids got $50,000 from the Washington Dental Service Foundation; a $25,000 in-kind contribution from the Northwest Health Foundation and $5,000 from the Oregon Medical PAC
Those contributions follow a huge cash influx earlier this week. The Northwest Health Foundation's latest contribution brings that group's total support this year to $191,000. 
As of today, Healthy Kids has raised $559,000 and has $182,000 on hand. Clean Water Portland, the political action committee which opposes fluoridation, has raised $111,000 and has $47,000 on hand. 
Here in Southampton we've fought the battle with peanuts compared to the money found to promote fluoridation.

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