15 Apr 2013

UK - Daily Echo Letter

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rcannard said...

In November 2006, the American Dental Association issued an eGram—Interim Guidance on Reconstituted Infant Formula telling its members (dentists) not to recommend that mothers use fluoridated water for mixing infant formula feed. The (US) Center for Disease Control and the British Fluoridation Society, soon afterwards, also acknowledged that regularly mixing a baby’s formula with fluoridated water can cause dental fluorosis.
In 2006, a toxicological review of fluoride by the US National Research Council found that the US EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) for fluoride of 4 mg/Liter (4 ppm) was not protective of health for severe dental enamel fluorosis, Stage II skeletal fluorosis and bone fracture in the elderly. Although the NRC Review did not evaluate the safety or efficacy of fluoridation at 1 ppm, their MCLG finding means there is legitimate doubt as to whether fluoridation allows for an adequate margin of safety to protect all consumers from fluoride’s toxic effects.
So here's where im at...Hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride) does not matter if they called it John its still a toxic by product of the phosphate fertilizer industry,and that in its self has alarm bells ringing for me, i have been researching fluoride for a while now and its not an easy subject,Chemistry is not my strong point but i think most would get the basics, the rabbit hole runs deep and the dots start to join up,you may even notice that some of the SHA are now PHE, interesting.
So we still have our fluoride pushers and government ignorance to contend with,but why,all the information can be sourced from peer reviewed scientific and medical journals including scholarly articles from reputable academics, professionals and organisations that clearly indicate fluoride is not safe.
Why is this information not being looked at,why is fluoridation still being pushed through,the logical course would be to suspend the addition of fluoride to the drinking water to allow a long term scientific study,but im just day dreaming,sorry,
This has the smell of an agenda,because its wrong in so many ways.Please show your support at the demonstration on Sat May 11th 12.30 - 1.30 pm Meet in Guildhall Square, Southampton, we need to shout a bit louder so maybe OUR elected leaders will hear us,thanks to Bill for keeping us up-dated, its appreciated