14 Apr 2013

N.Ireland Health Minister Poots considering water fluoridation

Poots considering water fluoridation

THE Health Minister Edwin Poots says he is considering fluoridation of the water supply to ensure fluoride is delivered to poorer people and dental disease is more often prevented.
Mr Poots said the move was being considered based on a dental health report complied six years ago.
He said: “The 2007 Oral Health Strategy stated that the greatest oral health gain is likely to be achieved through community water fluoridation.
“Water fluoridation ensures delivery of fluoride to ‘hard-to-reach’ groups such as those of lower socioeconomic status who are more likely to experience dental disease. I am giving consideration to fluoridation of the water supplies at present.”


Anonymous said...

He obviously hasn't heard that the heavily fluoridated Irish Republic has the worst tooth decay rates in Europe then? Still, he knows best so won't bother consulting the people first.

rcannard said...

You may find this an interesting read Anon...http://www.enviro.ie/correspondence/Response%20to%20Appraisal%20by%20Irish%20Expert%20Body%20on%20Fluoride%20and%20Health%20on%20Waugh%20Report%20June%202012.pdf