9 Apr 2013

Daily Echo letter

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rcannard said...

If Southampton’s water was fluoridated, only 0.014% of the fluorosilicic acid added would be ingested by the public,the rest is lost through 30% leaks 38.5% Industry and Services and 31.5% Domestic use whitch breakes down as follows,Toilet flushing 30%,Personal bathing 21%,Clothes washing 13%,Washing up 8%,Outdoor use 7%,Other 5%,and drinking water 4% of domestic use or 1.3% of all water supplied.
The drinking water segment can be divided further as 0-5 year olds represent just 5.5% of Southampton's population and 80% of tooth decay is found in 20% of children.This means that just 0.014% of the fluorosilicic acid that Southern Water would add to the water supply would reach its intended target.I find Southern Water's support for adding an industrial waste product to the public water supply is disturbing, and the lack of transparency here is an issue of concern.