22 Mar 2013

Sugar, not fat, exposed as deadly villain in obesity epidemic

Sugar, not fat, exposed as deadly villain in obesity epidemic
It's addictive and toxic, like a drug, and we need to wean ourselves off it, says US doctor
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Dr Robert Lustig's book Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar has caused a backlash from the food industry, which, he says, wants to 'paint me as this zealot'. Photograph: Alamy
Sugar – given to children by adults, lacing our breakfast cereals and a major part of our fizzy drinks – is the real villain in the obesity epidemic, and not fat as people used to think, according to a leading US doctor who is taking on governments and the food industry..........

It is not a case of eradicating sugar from the diet, just getting it down to levels that are not toxic, he says. The American Heart Association in 2009 published a statement, of which Lustig was a co-author, saying Americans consumed 22 teaspoons of it a day. That needs to come down to six for women and nine for men....

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Anonymous said...

yeah yeah yeah BUT what type of sugar ? IF we arent talking about deadly man made sweetners ?
1) Kane sugar
2) DEADLY GMO BEET sugar refined

You people never distinguish to be valid

Its like food labeling they never mention when saying SUGAR in item what type of sugar VERY dirty tactics