13 Jan 2013

United Communities of Southampton

Press Release to all Media Outlets
United Communities of Southampton Statement on fluoridation

We firmly believe that it is our GOD given right, and responsibility, to choose what medications and food we consume .
Whilst we understand the plight of those suffering from tooth decay; and our hearts go out to all those affected .We most firmly do NOT support the addition of hydrofluosilicic acid commonly referred to as fluoride to our water to address this issue .
There is no good science to show that fluoridation is effective in reducing tooth decay, nor is there good evidence to prove that it is safe .
In fact, we have solid PROOF that fluoridating the water is both ineffective and dangerous - to the health of humans and to Nature too . In Birmingham the water has been fluoridated for some time; despite this, Birmingham is still carrying out dental extractions on 15 children per day under general anaesthetic.
Dr Dean Burke , chief scientist at the National Cancer Institute (USA) , stated under oath at a Congressional hearing ‘Nothing causes or makes cancer explode faster in the body than fluoride.’Dr Burke calculated that adding fluoride to the water would increase the cancer rate by at least 10%. No-one has challenged his figures.
In 2007 the American Dental Association warned parents not to make up formula milk with fluoridated water. In Southampton the reckless SHA has deemed any such warning as unnecessary.
We have many , many concerns about the safety of ingesting an accumulative poison ; there are too many to list here .You need to understand that very few medical or dental ‘professionals’ are fully aware of the toxicity of fluoride.
But fundamentally, the enforced medication by means of fluoridation is absolutely against our religious beliefs and is an insult to our Freedom. We feel most strongly that this is breaking the Law of the land. You do NOT have our consent to force our community to consume this awful toxin.
Furthermore we have PROVEN methods that will safely and significantly reduce tooth decay , if not entirely eradicate this disease. We would very much like to share these proven measures with our communities and health authorities alike. Therefore we most strongly urge you to ‘cease and desist’ with any plans to fluoridate our drinking water .
We urge you to meet with us in the near future so that we may work together to resolve this issue.
For further info contact organising members of UCS
Dr Zac Cox (Dentist), Mr Harjap Singh, Mr Ziarat Hussain, Mr Arshad Sharif, Mr Prithipal Singh Roath – p.singhroath@hotmail.co.uk

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Anonymous said...

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