15 Dec 2012

Merilyn Haines’ report from Australia

Merilyn Haines’ report from Australia:

Cleaning up after the perfect storm of forced fluoridation in Queensland. Mandatory fluoridation in Queensland has just ended, almost 5 years to the day the previous (and unelected) Qld Labor Premier Anna Bligh announced her decision to force fluoridation on 4 million Queenslanders. The new LNP government on the 29th Nov overturned the mandatory requirement allowing Queensland Councils to make decisions whether to start, continue or cease fluoridation. Immediately some Qld Councils have said that they will not be fluoridating the towns in their jurisdiction. Several other Qld councils have indicated that they may cease. The larger councils in SE Qld with interconnected water supplies will be looking at the issues involved in the New Year. Activists for safe drinking water (i.e. no fluoride) will have their work ahead of them cleaning up after the fluoride storm, working to get all of Queensland de – fluoridated, but it is now possible and do-able.......

 Merilyn Haines on behalf of FAN-Australia and Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air and Food Inc., Email info@qawf.org

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