24 Oct 2012

Studies show fluoride isn't safe

Studies show fluoride isn't safe By James Winter, The Windsor Star October 24, 2012 12:00 AM As a university professor who taught statistics and methods to graduate students, I am shocked and appalled by the cheap tricks employed by Dr. Mark Drkulec, president of the Essex County Dental Society. (Re: No need for fluoridation, Oct. 17). In his letter critiquing a column by Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, Drkulec invented and cherry-picked quotations to distort an excellent study quoted by Gifford-Jones. The cited study, led by a Harvard scholar, concluded as follows: "Children who lived in areas with high fluoride exposure had lower IQ scores .... In conclusion, our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children's neurodevelopment." The article was a review of 27 studies, including ones from rural China, which previously have not been accessible to western researchers. Drkulec writes, "the authors ... have stated that their findings are not particularly applicable in North America." The authors made no such statement. To the contrary, they said that although some of the studies included had higher fluoride concentrations than allowed by the U.S. EPA, recent studies indicate that even very low levels of fluoride are harmful. It is unclear to me why a dentist would endorse compulsory mass medication. Adding fluorosilicic acid, a toxic waste byproduct, to our water supply without the permission of consumers, and without an alternative water supply, is unethical. People who want to medicate their teeth can buy toothpaste containing fluoride. Drkulec writes that, "...water fluoridation, in the optimal amount, is safe and effective ..." Many studies have challenged the safety and effectiveness of fluoridation. In 2006, the U.S. National Research Council documented numerous negative effects of fluoride on many organ systems including increased potential risk for bone fractures (the well-documented disease of skeletal fluorosis), possibly increased risk of osteosarco-ma, reduced IQ, thyroid dysfunction, endocrine dysfunction and more. Tell the parents of three-year-old William Kennerly about the safety of fluoride. According to the New York Times report in 1979, William died when he swallowed his fluoride treatment at a Brooklyn city dental clinic, rather than rinsing it out. His parents were awarded $750,000 by the State Supreme Court. If there is a remote chance that fluoride will lower our children's intelligence - much less kill us - then take it out of the drinking water! DR. JAMES WINTER, professor, University of Windsor

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